October 4, 2012

BitTorrent App- Now Download Torrents in Android

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Nobody in the present modernized world will be unaware of the Torrents. You might have downloaded many stuff on your PC or Mac via Torrents.

But did you thought of it for your mobile device. Yes, you do not want to depend on a particular device anymore -- you can now download the stuffs right into your Android device using the Official BitTorrent App anywhere, anytime.

BitTorrent, a popular peer to peer file sharing protocol released their Android App in their Google Play Store for free. This app is presently in the early Beta version dedicated by the BitTorrent.

BitTorrent for Android is a nice, sleeky and handy torrent app, with the ability to download various types of large files directly to your smartphone or tablet. The app has a simple, easy-to-use interface and offers super fast downloading of files. The beta version is currently free, and there’s no speed or size limits! It lets you search torrents on the web and the results are displayed in a new browser window. The torrents automatically open up with Bittorrent and the downloaded files are saved by default to the Downloads folder on your SDcard. You can also set a preferred save location before downloading a file.

Click on the Android Cover to Download the BitTorrent Beta App from Google Play Store 

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