November 23, 2011

Android Increases the market share

Android is forecast to increase its world wide share of media tablet from 20% in 2011 to 39% in 2015.

On a study conducted by Marketing Company, the numbers confirm that Android continues to increase its share at a staggering rate, while Samsung maintains its position as the US largest cell phone manufacturer.

With the iPhone missing on its usual July refresh cycle, Android didn't even need the Galaxy S II help in the US to gain the huge 5.4 percent points in the past three months alone. The share of the Google OS now sits at 41.8%, which is nearly 15 percent points more than that of the second most popular platform.
That second most popular platform would, of course, be iOS, which claimed a market share of 27.0%. That's a 1 percent point increase over the past three months, despite the fact that no new handset entered the Apple OS ranks - impressive indeed.
The other smartphone platforms on the US market are still unable to match the growth rates of the two behemoths. The once leading BlackBerry OS has lost 4 whole percent points in the past three months alone and now holds just 21.7% of 82.2 million smartphones in the US - putting it at a distant third place.
WP7 is also still unable to make a difference with Microsoft's share slipping a percent point to a market share of 5.7%. Symbian is not doing particularly well either (even by its own low standards in the US) and now powers less than one in twenty-five American smartphones. The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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