December 16, 2011

The Social Media Tools that you'll Love

The time has come to publish the top Social Media Tools of 2011. The end of the 2011 is arriving and We’re about to unveil the Top 20 new Social Media Tools of 2011 after having served up tools twenty through to six over the last two weeks.

It wasn’t easy narrowing down the tools that would occupy the top spots but we got there after much deliberation and discussion.
So, without further wasting your time here are the top 20 new social media tools of 2011.

It is now time to crown our most useful tool of 2011. BufferApp works by scheduling content you find online and adding into your Twitter or Facebook stream. It then publishes the tweets at regular intervals without flooding your followers. Pure genius.

Talk about doing what it says on the tin! AppMakr helps you make free apps for the iPhone. Seriously cool.

YouTube has been ramping up is creation tools in 2011 and the animation tools located at are a great example. GoAnimate is a great example allowing you to make animated videos in less than 10 minutes!

This is a personalised recommendations engine that helps you discover new and exciting experiences based on your budget and interests. And, it integrates with Facebook to bring all of your social preferences together. This is a great example of niche recommendations portal and what Google+ is aiming to achieve on a wider scale.

This ‘news exchange’ startup out of Stockholm has become one of the most talked about social media tools of 2011 thanks to its robust analytics system and easy-to-use interface. Try it now if you haven’t already. 

You may have stumbled across MyTweeple in the past (a Twitter specific contact management system) but in 2011 it evolved into and also added Facebook functionality, giving you a central place to manage your fans and followers. It really is a beautiful thing.


Here’s another wonderful tool that you may not have heard about in 2011 but you probably should have. Pokki helps you create web apps for your desktop, giving you easy access to your favourite sites without having to open up a web browser. The Gmail desktop app is especially sweet.

One of the more silent tools of year 2011, Zooshia allows you to create your own widgets for blogs and websites. You can create a ‘Zoosh’ of your Facebook or Twitter feeds or from a combination of sources. Best of all, embedding the code after you’ve tailored your widget is incredibly easy.

Another great analytics tool that has leaped into prominence in 2011 is The site features every imaginable social media statistic you’ll ever need and is especially robust when it comes to geographic and demographic breakdowns for Facebook. A Superb stuff.

While this was only launched a month or so ago, its potential in helping brands and organisations make insight-led decisions about social media strategy is plain to see. Your PRINT score is a combination of your social media channel and attribute performance and is based upon data measured against your pre-defined competitor set. It’s a really useful enterprise tool.

This is primarily a social media username checking tool but is also a great place to start when identifying online communities relevant to a subject / topic. Simply visit the networks tab and scroll through the categories to discover new places to be active and / or monitor.

PeopleBrowsr is a social media analytics tool which includes 1,000 days of Twitter data at your disposal. Kred, from the same team, is an influence measurement tool that is provides a very transparent analysis of user activity. Both of these tool combined can make your life a helluva lot easier.

If you haven’t tried GroupHigh yet, the next sentence might encourage you to do so. Ready? is the best blogger outreach research and engagement tool on the planet. The latest update (version three) makes it even easier for you to discover the most relevant blogs by keyword, style and receptiveness. Brilliant.


This is a search engine for apps (Android, Mac, Chrome, Facebook, web and more) which takes the pain away from those endless searches for apps via general search engines. Bookmark this one!


If you are responsible for measuring how well your social media channels are performing, then this is the analytics hub for you. Simply plug all of your details in (Twitter account, YouTube channel, Google analytics etc) and Unilyzer will give you all of your data on one screen. 

WordPress theme generation tool which is easy-to-use and will save you time (and money!)

Conversocial helps brands manage customer service on a large scale across Twitter and Facebook.


Powered by the Facebook Open Graph API, helps users search across posts, photos, people, pages, groups and events without the need to login or have a Facebook account.


A domain name checker with a twist, helping you brainstorm new ideas based on URL availablity.

An easy and free way to track the performance of competitor websites with similar topics etc. And most viewed sites are all available in this The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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