December 8, 2011

The Google's Black Bar Strip vanishes

Everyone may be familiar with Google Inc. and its services. If you uses it's services such as Gmail, Google reader, recent social boom Google +, Google maps, Google Search indeed there are lot of which I can't name all there services here So indeed, just any Google product  you would have noticed the latest inventory of Google - the black strip across the top of the link which provides link to all there services. Many of us have had a bad experience with it.

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Moreover now the Google takes the black strip away and replaces it with a pop-up that appears when you mouse over the Google logo. Also now there will be a smaller, light grey bar dominated by a search box.
Now when you log onto Google you may not see a horizontal bar, Instead you'll find links to your services in a new drop down Google menu nested under the Google logo.

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The drop down menu shows a list of links and for additional services hover over the 'More' link at the bottom.

The thing that remains unclear is that why the Google has to go through the "Black-Bar era" in its evolution in the first place. The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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