March 26, 2012

Top 5 Search Engines for Kids

The kids today are more comfortable on the internet than with their parents . This can't be a way of happiness since it has a scary side.

Can anyone Imagine the amount of Hardcore content in the web ? So there is a need to protect and avoid them from unwanted things. It is one of the reasons for having special search engines for Kids. 

Here is a bunch of rather attractive than the classy search engines and which will filter contents. 

1.  Google Safe Search [Homepage]

Google Safe Search for Kids doesn't have unusually bright or coloured homepage like the others listed below.  Google Safe Search is very strictly filtered and provide child appropriate search results.  However, adding a little interactive features would make the website visually appealing for children. 

2.  Quintura for Kids [Homepage]

Quintura is extremely bright and colorful & most importantly the screen is also interactive. The screen contains lots of cartoon characters and designed perfectly to attract a child. The kites in the screen contains icons which trembles on mouse-over which specifies topic for searching. Also hovering your mouse on the words in the cloud  would cause the word to appear in the search box. 

3.  Yahoo! Kids  [Homepage]

Yahoo's Search Engine for Kids, known as Yahoo! Kids is more exciting with bright colors and styles. It makes easy searching for kids in a completely safe environment.  It also features TV shows, Cartoons, Movies and Games. 

4.  KidRex [Homepage]

KidRex's homepage contain some childish drawings with a marker of a sun, a palm tree, and a large dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus Rex), and with crayon font's in child's handwriting. KidRex removes all inappropriate results from your child's search. If the child is naughty enough to search for certain forbidden words KidRex will return a stern and friendly reply Oops! Try Again. 

5. KidsClick! [Homepage]

KidsClick! is another search engine for Pre-teens and other kids.  KidsClick let the children to explore the  world around them. This website as you would have noticed, has been designed by librarians & it mostly looks like an online library. The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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