December 3, 2011

Make Unlimited Free Calls on Your Cellphone with Google+ Hangouts

The World is getting socialized day by day which is seen the daily life changes. This began with offering of  free voice calls in the United States and Canada from inside Google+ Hangouts video conference service. Now, Google+ users can dial anyone in those two countries and have them join a Hangout, even if they're not online. 

 Even though the news was spread Google isn't making the service easy to find. Rather than including it on the interface that launches when user click the "Start a Hangout" tab on their Google Plus home page, users need to navigate to Hangouts with extras ( to try the service.
Google introduced Hangouts with extras in September as something of a testing ground for the video conferencing feature. It's an alternative offering where users can share notes and drawings using a sketchpad, as well as collaborate with Google Docs, the company's online word processing application. Users can also screen-share in Hangouts with extras.

Google may eventually integrate some of the features from Hangouts with extras into its more widely used Hangouts service.

A Google spokeswoman said the service has now rolled out to all Google+ users. The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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