January 5, 2012

The Brand New Avant Browser 2012 with More Exciting Features

The browser arena is often portrayed as a three-horse race among Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, but there's now a new option that aims to give users the best of all three worlds.

Avant Browser has been devoted to providing the best surfing experience for years. The browser has been recognized as a fast and stable browser with easy-to-use features. Recently, Avant Browser has announced a brand new version which fully integrates three rendering engines behind Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Visit official site: Avant Home.

It's called Avant Browser, and its latest build offers Windows users what it calls “tri-core rendering,” giving them a choice of using the Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome rendering engine for any particular Web page.

Sound intriguing? I too think so. Here's a rundown of what you'll find in the latest Avant Browser 2012.

The New Features Added to the Version 2012 of Avant Browser

  • The browser with Tri-Core Rendering provides the options for users to switch between three render engines for each webpage. Users can assign different browser engines for different websites; Avant Browser will automatically switch browser engines when users navigate between these websites. For example, users may assign Chrome engine for online Banking websites, and Firefox engine for FTP websites, when navigating from online banking websites to FTP websites, the browser engine will switch from Chrome to Firefox automatically.

  • Many browsers have the AutoFill feature. Avant Browser has taken that a step further by providing users the option to automatically login to any sites with AutoFill feature at startup . If you always login certain web sites after starting your browser, you will find it convenient to have them start and logged-in automatically.

  • A detached tab is a web page which can be detached from the main browser window which has a "Stay on Top (picture-in-picture)" feature. It can hover above all other applications. For example, a web based messenger can remain in the foreground and visible while you're working in another application such as MS Word. This feature is highly useful for those who multi-task with interactive web-based applications.

  • Many browsers support the download of common files like full web pages or images. Avant Browser brought that feature to a higher level, when Avant finds a video it can grab it from a web page, a "Download Video(s)" box will appear in the top right-hand corner of the web page, giving you quick access to save the file to a designated location. Best of all, unlike paid products like Internet Download Manager, Avant provides this feature completely free-of-charge. The video downloader can be run from within Avant Browser or separately as a stand-alone application.

  • Split view adds to Avant Browser's multitasking functionality by providing an easy way to view two different web pages side by side. Split view adds another dimension to Avant's customizable interface layout. You're able to watch online videos and browse headlines at the same time while remaining completely in control of what's happening in your browser. This feature is also useful for people who like reading different opinions of stories from different sources or similarly if you're learning a new language and viewing different language versions of Wikipedia articles.

Users can assign different browser engines for different kinds of websites, and Avant will automatically switch to the right one for each kind of page they visit. A user could choose to use the Chrome engine for online banking websites, for example, while selecting the Firefox engine for FTP websites, say. Then, when navigating from an online banking site to a FTP one, Avant will automatically switch the browser engine from Chrome to Firefox.

Still, if you're as eager for a taste of this tri-core rendering capability as I am, it's available for free download from the Avant's site. This will be an really interesting one to test out.

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