February 27, 2012

How to download Google Chrome OS

You can download the Google Chrome OS from Torrents. This is for those who are bored with their OS and for those who like to test or use it for just knowing it a bit deeper. 

Initially you need to get The Chrome OS image from torrents. The torrent file is in .BZ2 format & you need to extract it. Mac's will do it automatically.

Then you need to  download  Virtual Box from sun.

Once you have downloaded Virtual Box Software you need to Install & register. After this you will be taken to a screen which will be similar to this in Win. OS too. 

Click NEW In the Screen. A new window appears, Click NEXT in the Wizard. 
Give the OS any name you like choose Linux with Ubuntu as the version (This is the only one I have gotten working) 
PS: Other Setups could potentially work

Choose how much memory to allocate to this machine which is mostly depended on how much memory you have in your computer. Don't  allot to much memory to this machine as this could make your real computer unresponsive/ slow. 
Now, choose an existing  hard disk from the options and don't choose one  from the drop down menu either. Then click Next. 
Hit the Add button in the near to the New button in the wizard window. Then find the earlier downloaded Image of Google OS.  Once you have found it, hit Open
If you once reach this window click Select.

We are almost done, check whether the Use existing Hard disk  is selected. Click Next if done. 

Hit "Finish"!!
Now Click Start 
Now a Splash Screen Appears where you'll need to type in a valid Google a/c Id. (Your Gmail A/c Id should work). And now you can completely Explore it.

Seriously it mostly feels like using Google Chrome Browser; But there is some key differences.  

Oh, Good Luck Finding the Shut down button, as we sure can't.  

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