November 5, 2012

Cool Windows 7 Transparent Themes Free Download

Windows 7 Transparent Themes Free Download

Kudos! Today I have come up with 5 cool Windows 7 Themes that are awesomely transparent. You could feel the right edge of transparency with the real feel of Windows 7.

Shine 2.0 Theme for Windows 7 
Shine 2.0 Theme Desktop
Shine 2 Theme | Source : zainadeel, DeviantArt
Download : Shine 2.0  (RAR file)

Clear White Theme 
Clear White Theme | Source : shule
Download: Clear White Theme  (RAR file)

Ezlo Port to Windows 7 Theme 
Ezlo port to W7 | Source : FediaFedia
Download: Ezlo (ZIP file)

Windows 7 Glass Energy Blue 
W7 Glass Energy Blue | Source : kusagami
Download: W7 GEB (RAR file)

Lamborghini Theme 
Lamborghini Theme | Source : iDR3AM
Download: Lamborghini Theme (ZIP file)

Wishfull Dream Final 

Wishfull Dream Final Theme | Source : se7ensinner
Download: Wishfull Dream Final (RAR file)

Lucid Theme for Windows 7 

Lucid Theme | Source : nopd11
Download: Lucid Theme for Win7 (RAR file)

Your Turn 
Now it's your turn if you find any important, to be known transparent windows 7 Themes let us know in the comments below. The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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