February 15, 2012

Microsoft sends Valentine's Day gifts

People send Roses on Valentine's Day. But This year Microsoft shows their great love towards the users by sending the Micrsoft Windows Operating System Users by sending Nine Valuable and Important Patches on Valentine's Day.

Do you want to know what they contain ? 
Microsoft is giving it's users a bouquet of security fixes.

Most Of the Patches sent where mainly for Windows 7 Users, Microsoft's current Trump card.

Patches code named MS12-016, MS12-013, MS12-010 and MS12-008 are given a high ranking by Microsoft in their blog. 

Microsoft may be doing this to increase the Users depending on Win 7 and to show that they are leaving Windows XP down. 

This may be the very  first time Windows XP - which Microsoft is trying to " KILL " - have fewer fixes released than Windows Seven.

MS12-008 is a kernel driver vulnerability that could lead to remote code execution.

MS12-010 is a remote execution flaw in all versions of Internet Explorer

MS12-013 is a remote code execution vulnerability in the C run-time on Windows Vista/ Win 7/2008 .

MS12-016 is a remote code execution vulnerability in Silverlight and .NET Framework.

MS12-015 is a remote code execution in Visio Viewer, triggered by a a malicious Visio file.

MS12-012 allows remote code execution while opening a .icc [colour profile] file  on Windows 8

MS12-014 an attacker to remotely execute code by tricking a user into loading amedia file on Windows XP SP3.  {Most Probably the only Patch for Windows Xp Users}

Kaspersky Labs and Security Firms marks these Patches a Great one and advises the users to Patch their system with these Valentine Patches at earliest possible...

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