March 9, 2012

Hackers Defeat Google Chrome in 5 minutes

Hackers beat Google Chrome for the first time in the annual competition to test the security of one of the most popular web browser, Google Chrome. 

A French firm, Vupen defeated Google Chrome for the first time. A group of French hackers were able to bypass the Google security features to gain control of a Windows PC in less than 5 minutes. 
Chrome stood undefeated in 2011 competition. 

" Last year that was a made lot of headlines. We wanted to show that Chrome was not unbeatable. "  The Telegraph quoted firms research head Chaouki Bekrar, as saying. 

He added that his company had also devised a procedure to hack into Internet Explorer and Firefox, but we liked to show first wanted to show Chrome was not to secure. 

Vupen also said that they would keep the details of bypassing Google's sandbox technology private "for our customers". The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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