April 12, 2012

Send Web Page Via Email in One Click

Most of the users when they want to send the link of any web page to to someone, they usually copy the url from the address bar, log in their email inbox, create new email, paste the link, send the email and then finally log-out or use some sharing widget to Share with the same steps said above.
After reading the above steps you might also be thinking… Yeah that’s the only way to send the link of web page to someone via email what else could be faster than this?

Well, If you’re thinking exactly the same, then let me show you how to send a web page in an email in just a simple click!!
Browser bookmarklets sometimes save a lot of time and effort in arranging the task that people generally do on web. These are actually small buttons that can really make some of the common tasks a one-button-click job.
‘Email This’ is one of those popular bookmarklets that can send web pages in an email in one click.
You need to have Firefox ,Internet Explorer or Opera to use this button.
Make sure you have bookmarks toolbar enabled in your browser. If it’s enabled then, drag and drop this button in your bookmarks toolbar of your browser.
Email This!
Drag n drop this Button on  your browser’s 
toolbar to Email a webpage directly. 

Now whenever you’re viewing a web page and want to send the URL or link of the page in an email, just click the EMAIL This! button from the bookmarks toolbar, a Popup window {Allow Pop-ups on your Browser} will appear asking you the recipient’s email and the message that you want to send with the link.

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