October 1, 2012

Facebook Pages have a Résumé

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Facebook has a secret hiding from you. Your Facebook page has a secret résumé visible to search engine bots and users who aren't logged-in. All the Facebook pages has a Public Profile which contains Contact Information, Biography or Overview, & other key milestones.
facebook, resume, Facebook now uses the term ' Résumé ' to refer to this section. (refer screenshot above) but the term in the Page Title is only visible to search engine bots and Users who are not Logged into their Facebook account. (Thanks to Waqas Ali)

Presently this change is limited to Facebook Pages and if the same is extended to personal profiles. But I am sure Facebook is testing this feature to make this part of Facebook personal profiles.

 If Facebook takes this seriously Facebook will outrank LinkedIn for Job Related searches in search engines.

What's your Opinion on this ?? Let us know...

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