September 29, 2012

The Best & Popular "Online Investment" Websites You Must Know

Kudos! Today, I am writing on the Topic Investing Online. This article will surely help you invest and manage your money online.

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In this post I feature the Popular (inspiration comes from the web) and Best "Online  Investment Websites" to sift through and pick the one that better suits you and your needs. Investing in the stock markets is good way to secure your future. Have you read Bo Sanchez' My Maid Invests in the Stock Market ? If you have read, you would be inspired to Invest. And achieving financial freedom depends on you.

I've have shared a list of 5 Websites below that will help build insights in this matter.


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The Best of its kind. The wikiinvest deserves to be mentioned wherever you talk on Online Investment Aids. The new portfolio manager is already the most advanced of its kind. It lets you make use of the your online investment portfolios. Wikiinvest also cover Company reviews and Performance metrics which makes investment decisions more clearer.

Yahoo! Finance  

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Along with headlines from finance world,you also get free stock quotes, portfolio management resources, International Market Data, message boards, and mortgage rates. Yahoo Finance, like its main portal is localized for some major countries around the world. Then, another important feature is the Experts panel and Money Guides among the tools.


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If you want to Invest wisely, reading from WSJ is a must. The Investment Section has a Special Tool which will help you to take planned decisions. The portfolio section lets you track your investment. The website features Topics, company features, Podcasts,investment aids, people and headlines from the market.


FINVIZ is another popular Stock Visualization Tool. You can create custom screeners using filters and map to the online portfolio and focus on the stocks you find perfect. You also have the Option to save these custom screeners as presets to use them later. You can check aspects like advancing and declining stocks, futures, forex and different sectors.


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Financial Times of-course never need to be Introduced to you as it is the Top publication with worldwide coverage of financial trends, it covers regional markets as well. Check out the list of Tools in right corner of the Menu bar. The articles are must read for helpful insights.

Let us know which are the financial websites you follow when it comes to investing? The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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