November 24, 2011

How to: Download Youtube Videos

Here We will teach you how to download Youtube videos !
So you are a big youtube fan, just like us. Who’ll not be, it is the single largest video sharing platform in the world. But there are many videos that we come across, that are so tempting that we wish we could download them to our pc. But then, when you look around, there isn’t any download option available. Because youtube doesn’t want you to download them. But still there are a few workarounds available to do the same. Read on.

1. Software: The best free youtube download software according to us is ‘Youtube Downloader HD’ . It even allows you to download 1080P HD videos. It’s highly recommended.

2. Online: There are many websites like,, etc which help you to download videos online without using a software. What’s great  is that you can also download videos from websites other than Youtube.

3. In-Browser: Cometbird browser can be used to download possibly any and every video that is available on the net. Just use this brower to surf to the page containing the video. play the video, right click on a blank space on the page and go to the option ‘Download Media Files’ and select the file you wish to download. As simple as that. The best thing about using CometBird is that apart from video files, you can also download flash and audio files ! The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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