November 29, 2011

Making Money Online

Making money online is very famous among all of us, as we would have heard it from our friends, coworkers, family, neighbors etc. You may have browsed through one of them or else you may have seen a Decorated Attracting ad somewhere while you were surfing. These MONEY, MONEY promising ads might not be really The real McCoy. You Might have thought that  ''Are people really making out of this?'' And if they earn, how do they do it? 

Here I'm mentioning how to earn money taking online Surveys.

Various online Survey Sites

There are many online survey taking web pages in the world now. Online Survey sites make money by providing  services to product manufacturers. Manufacturers of all types contact these sites and hire them to do online product Surveys. Surveys will be generally asking your opinion or preferences about certain products of specified manufacturer and your results are sent back to the manufacturers. They then use these results to determine what the public is looking for in their products. Corporations pay millions of dollars a year to have these surveys conducted and that’s how these survey sites are able to pay you for your time spend on these surveys.

The salary for a online surveys can range anywhere from $2 to $100. Some online survey sites offer products for compensation and ask you to test it out before you take the survey and you get to keep the product.

The length of the surveys varies and there salary. Some might be only 4 or 5 multiple choice questions that take you a couple of minutes to complete. Others might take you 2 or 3 hours. Of course, those also have a higher compensation and they’re harder to come by these surveys mostly.

While there are some people who make a very good living at this, most people agree that participating in paid surveys is a great way to earn extra money but unless you’re really driven to succeed, you shouldn’t quit your day job.

How to make money Online taking online Surveys ?

It’s like anything else you do online. Notbody might have taught you how to browse the internet or use it's content. Once you know how the system works, it’s very simple.

When you register at an online survey site you’ll be required to fill out a profile. This profile information is used to decide who gets what survey. You typically don’t have access to an unlimited number of surveys, it’s based on demographics. For example, if you’re a male, there’s no reason a manufacturer of lady’s razors would be interested in your opinion and it would be a waste of his money to pay you for it.

It may take up to a month or less for your profile information to circulate throughout the whole system but eventually you’ll be invited to receive surveys in your email. You may probably want to set up a separate email address for this project. The first surveys you receive will be the little ones and most probably the easiest, for a couple of dollars, that are really very very easy to complete as well. Make sure you answer these quickly and truthfully and return them as quickly as possible. Don't try to cheat them as it would affect your reputation in this area. 

Once the site recognizes that you are a serious worker you’ll start getting the better paying surveys. Again, complete them and return your results as quickly as possible so that you can move on to more surveys. The people who make the money with paid surveys belong to more than 100 survey sites. In fact, there’s software out there that makes it easier for you to fill out all of those profiles.

Finding a reputed Survey sites 

Finding a reputable Online Survey Sites in the whole system is also a great survey. If you want to make money online with paid surveys, you’ll want to hook up with reputable sites who are going to pay you fast, on time for your efforts. Some sites are free to join and some charge you a fee. Generally, the sites that charge fees have the better paying surveys. But that’s not always the case. Some of them are just charging a fee to keep the spam away and their surveys are no better than the other guy’s.

Look for sites that look professional, sites where all the links work and the registration process does not send your computer into Cyberspace. Once you have found a site you’re interested in, do a search to see what other users think. Join forums, read blogs, check out Twitter and Facebook. But don’t ever pay for a list of survey sites. It’s not at all necessary for this. There are something like a trillions of them out there and you can find them yourself. It’s like anything else on the Web. Once you start looking you’ll find them popping up everywhere. The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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