April 2, 2012

How to Make Money from Pinterest

In this Internet world as it develops more and more it seems as if a new Internet sensation explodes every single week. Well it has happened with the introduction of Pinterest to the Web. 
Before the Introduction of How to make money from Pinterest ? Pinterest has made a lot of news in the web world with its affliate programmes.
Yes, yes I know lots of Social stuff to do and another place to waste previous time and  to make money  in the online world. 
This is how I see making money with it for now.  Sine you can pin up pictures and it generates a link back to the page where you snagged the picture from you can drive sales to an affiliate page of yours.
For instance, if you have a blog that promotes Baby Grand Pianos and someone clicks through on your link from Pinterest back to your blog site and ends up buying through you, you make money.
Pretty simple, eh?
Moreover it’s at least a great way to get traffic to your blog or website.  So if you need more traffic I will suggest coming over to Pinterest and starting to post as many pictures from your websites as possible.
Some early tips for the best results with Pintrest.
I’ve already noticed with Pinterest you need to have unique pictures {bright colored appear to have more pins} or inspiring pictures to get more attention.  

Some of the topics that are trending in the website are : 

2Beautiful Homes
3Hot people
4Unique foods 
5Cute pets and animals
6Photography studio pictures
7Interesting quotes
8Unique gift ideas
9Hair and design
There are surely many other categories that are being trending too. If you own a business I think you'd do well to make money with Pinterest.
I think the gift area has some real potential to be a money maker at Pinterest unless they completely turn off any ability to link to things at some point.
I also think using their site to get traffic to places like Youtube videos and other video sites will be extremely useful.
I was checking one video still frame that was posted on Pinterest that lead back to a Youtube video about men fashion.  This video had over 1/2 million+ views from Pinterest alone in the last few months!! 
If only 1% of those viewers clicked on just one of your ads that would be worth 1850 clicks.  I am not sure how many people click the ads from Pinterest or what they’ll go onto buy as of now.  But, I will say this, if you’re not on the site testing now you’re really missing out!!
On a final note if you check out the stats in Alexa for Pinterest you’ll find that so far 80%+ of the sites users are female!  So if you are promoting products that are useful to the female population you’ll most probably have more success from this.
Another funny note by looking at Alexa keywords coming into the site is that people are typing in terms such as 
Pintrist, pininterest, pin- interest and pintereste.  So you can see it’s so new that many people are just frantically searching to find what the heck??” it is.
So if you’re looking to drive more traffic to your site or make money from Pinterest it might just be a nice & free way to attract new visitors!  Go give it a try for yourself. Initially you have to Request an Invite to login which will burn your few hours but it is worth experimenting it. 
Female products with bright colors did well but male products were terrible with less pins than any females. I expect the few pins I put up will make more money over time.
That's not awesome but what it does tell me is that from clicks on pins put on Pinterest you can make money.
It would anyway help you to promote your website rather than the ultimate solution.

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