December 1, 2011

The Giants joins Anti Phishing Service AGARI

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL will provide the metadata sent to the Agari, phishing attacks in order to study mode. Agari CEO Patrick Peterson said that the current and the four giant Google's cloud infrastructure cooperation, Agari about 1.5 billion per day to collect data and analyze the news.
Agari vice president of marketing, said: "Facebook can enter Agari console via e-mail access, view charts and graphs, all activities (domains and third-party solutions); For example, there is junk mail into the Yahoo mailbox to bar display viewing side will receive real-time alerts, they can build a policy push to the operator, advising them as soon as possible spam. "

Google is expected, as more and more e-mail sender authentication information and implementation of policies, Gmail users will benefit. Google product manager Adam Dawes said: "Since 2004, Gmail has support for multiple certification standards and development capabilities, to help fight phishing and email fraud. the right sender and the receiver is the best coordination between the way to reduce unauthorized mail transmission, Agari way to help simplify the process. "
Agari nearly half of U.S. consumers for the e-mail, more than 10 million personal mailboxes mail fraud protection. The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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