February 24, 2012

The NEW Bing Hitting hard on Google

Bing Search has finally hit the Internet,  by this time you may have heard about the new Bing Preview if not then you can know about it. 

Microsoft announced Bing officially at the ATD Conference. Microsoft also said that it's there Trump Card against the Search Engine Giant, Google

The Image shown above is of the New Microsoft Bing Preview.
The Release of Bing is scheduled on June 3 rd, & Microsoft likes to give the users a Preview of this.  

The Bing users will now find tabs for Web, Images, Videos, Shopping, Maps, and More & by clicking on More it will unveil Local, xRank, Travel and News. Kindly note that the Image shown above is not of the new Bing Preview. 

 You can view this video for a glimpse on the new Bing Preview.

Moving on to the "xRank" allows you to view the most popular and most gaining search's performed on Bing.  You can view xRank via bing.com/xrank. They present the data more beautifully than Google. 

Since the Live Search days the Bing Shopping is becoming better and better. I have enjoyed each hour spent in Bing Shopping. They provide the results in much easier to read format.

Bing Video is featured by the thumbnail view which increases its simplicity. 
Try searching for e3 in Bing Search & simply hover over the thumbnail and it starts playing. 

That is really gonna be a fantastic idea to watch videos from consumer's point of view. 

Will you use the Bing Search as your primary search engine>> Go on... & have fun .. Share this with your friends and earn More Rewards with more friends in Bing from Bing Rewards. 

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