March 15, 2012

Download Windows Vista Wallpapers + Vista SideBar

Download Windows Vista Wallpapers (XP/ Vista/ 7 )

Here you can download some of most used Windows Vista Wallpapers, especially these can be also used in XP/Windows 7 computers and laptops. They all are high resolution images and will also fit your wide screen laptops & computers. 
IF you are a XP user and would like to have a Vista like Wallpaper you could choose one with green leaves or even the green bamboo. [Only a small suggestion from me]

You can download the full set of wallpapers from the links given below :
[Official Wallpaper Bundled by Microsoft]

Download Windows Vista SideBar for Windows XP

The Windows Vista SideBar looks similar to the Google Desktop or that of the Mac OX 10 Widget.

Want to use a FREE Windows SideBar with a Vista look then you can download it from here. 
.  Download Vista SideBar [Softonic Download]

Thoosje's SideBar (Formerly Vista SideBar) is a part of Vista Transformation Pack which is quite familiar one for making your XP machine look like Vista. 
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