March 28, 2012

Explore 'Hunger Games' with HTML 5

The Microsoft and Lionsgate have teamed upto bring the Hunger Games futuristic city of Capitol to life with the latest HTML 5 technology than using the Java for Internet Explorer. 

Hunger Games, movie is set to release on March 23 and the advertisement is a word of mouth. On the computer you may have seen many advertisement which uses Adobe Flash. Microsoft is making a change by using HTML 5 for their new ads. 

Microsoft and Lionsgate are partnering on a website Capitoltour, The epic world The Hunger Games. The HTML 5 based site shows a fluid design, without any plugins to create an environment for Hunger Games. Use Internet Explorer 9 to experience the features completely as the browser makes use of the computer's hardware to provide the Dynamic view. Although it works with a variety of browsers (I checked the site in Chrome 18, Firefox Aurora 13). 

Exploring the Capitol

Click on the link or type in in the address bar of your browser {Use IE 9; if available as the site is best viewed in IE 9} to begin your journey. Take the Capitol Tour with us. 

Get started by becoming a citizen, you could easily become a citizen by signing into the website using either Facebook or Twitter. 

Click on the Guide button to navigate to different locations. You can find the Guide Icon wherever you are in the Capitol. 

The website uses Canvas, an element in HTML 5 that allows graphics to be drawn on the fly. View the effects brought in by Canvas in action just look at the crowds, solar flare that follows your cursor and the steam that rises from the train pulling into the Welcome Center. The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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