November 16, 2012

8 Best Windows 8 Business Apps to Increase Productivity

Windows 8

Windows 8 has begun to provide its users with productive apps transforming these Window s devices into productive devices. At the very least, downloading these business apps will help you when it comes to doing business. Have a look at these sweet as sugar Windows 8 Business Apps.

1. Skype 
The class leading communications service provides everything from instant messaging to video chats to voice calls. Skype can also be docked into the side of the screen allowing you to attend calls while getting things done in your main window.

2. Box 
When it comes to business-class cloud storage people turn to Box than Microsoft SkyDrive. Box’s Business and Enterprise option include features like 99.9% uptime guarantee, document collaboration, full text search, integration and restorable version histories.

3. Evernote 
Evernote is an optical-character recognition software engine. It’s a powerful service that keeps your notes, to-do lists, pictures and audio, video organized and synced across every major devices- phone, tablets and PC’s.

4. Microsoft Map 
Map is an important app, everyone would like to have a map application. Windows 8 Microsoft App provides information such as directions, density of traffic, lists of nearby malls and restaurants.

5. YouSendIt 
Sending documents off to colleagues and customers are made easy by YouSendIt. YouSendIt allows you to send files that are much larger than an average attachment, as most email servers cap at 25MB in size. YouSendIt allows you to upload files of up to 2GB to a cloud storage and then share a link to that file with other people. But free subscribers are limited to 2GB storage and get capped at 50MB file transfers.

6. Invoice 360 
Invoice 360 is a free software which provides handful of customizable invoice templates that can be used to create a professional pricing bill in seconds. Invoice 360 provides option to print, generate PDFs, share soft copy via Win 8 Share Charm.

7. TeamViewer Touch 
TeamViewer app is a great business app for business and enterprise. Tons of companies uses TeamViewer software which includes business-friendly encryption and authentication tools. The Premium version of the app is required for remote meeting and collaboration tools.

8. Microsoft Lync 
Microsoft Lync, Citrix Receiver and Rackspace Cloud have the option to provide up to date information about your colleagues and customers, access your documents and files, check out your applications or check in the status of company servers.

Do you use any other business app in your Windows 8 OS or do you use any of these, let us know that in the comments. The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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