April 28, 2012

KLOUT Releases New iPhone App, takes Social Influence

KLOUT, the app that measures influence on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, Google+ and other social apps is debuting its first mobile presence today with the launch of an iOS app. While Klout had a mobile website, this is the startup's first native mobile app.Klout has released an iPhone app and assures Android Users that an app for them will ultimately arrive.

The Klout App lets people monitor their social influence on the go.Unlike Klout Browser platform the app does not allow people to give out +Ks to vouch for people's expertise or knowledge on a certain topic.

The company is now topping 12 billion API calls up from 100 million API calls in January 2011. Back in February, Klout acquired mobile and local neighbourhood app Blockboard, to expertise the startup to generate its own mobile products.


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