April 28, 2012

Windows 8 Metro Tab Page for Google Chrome

Awesome New Tab Page, as the name suggests the extension adds a new tab page to Google Chrome. Today most you may have seen a Metro featured desktop. The new Tile based desktop has changed the interface of Windows completely. The extension is a result of Windows 8 Metro UI - inspired new tab page that is fully customizable with apps, widgets, bookmarks, and so on.

Awesome New Tab Page will allow you to experience the Metro Design in Chrome browser. By adding this extension to your Chrome browser your default browser gets changed to a more dynamic Interface.

The extension is extensible with widgets,initially it had a non-stock widget, The Weather Widget.

If you are interested in creating Extension friendly widgets you can get started here.

When you are ready to publish your Widget to Chrome Web Store, be sure to mention that it is a widget for Awesome New Tab Page. Be sure to include the text "Awesome New Tab Page".

You can get widgets for your New Tab page here @ ChromeWebStore/awesomenewtabpage

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