June 1, 2012

Top Websites to Download FREE HQ & Blu-ray Movies

We all entertain ourselves in a variety of ways. Watching movies is the best way I think to entertain myself in my small leisure time. Today Online Movies is one of the biggest businesses in entertainment industry.  These days people prefer to watch movies online and one of the best thing about downloading movies from internet is, you can get better visual quality known as HQ (High Quality), HD (High Definition) or BD(Blu-ray Disk). You can even burn these downloaded movies on HD discs, Blu-ray Disc and enjoy these movies in big television screen.

Anyone can download any kind of movies if you know where it can be downloaded from. The different formats of HD movies available are , 720p, 1080p etc. It’s important to know what type of resolution best supports your system. The only problem a user faces in the internet ίs to find a reliable source to download from the large collection of a variety of items.

Today there are so many websites where you could download or buy high definition movies. 

Torrent Download (Free)

Torrent is the most popular way of downloading movies. Torrent website is powered by internet users from around the world and these websites allows users to both upload and download. You need to have a torrent client – μTorrent or BitTorrent. Some of the torrent sites from where you can download free movies are 

[2]  Torrentz 

[3]  ISOhunt

[5]  Mininova

Buy Movies Online (Paid)

If you are one who prefers to purchase products online instead of a cheap free version as everyone don’t go for free stuff in the web. Following sites can be used to buy movies from the web. These websites have got huge database of movies and you can even pre-order an upcoming movie.

[1]  Amazon

[2]  Blu-ray

[3]  DVD Planet

HQ Movies Direct Download (Free)

When it comes to free stuff, you may face a variety of scams and end up in downloading viruses and lead you nowhere in the end. Her e is a list of legit sites where you could download free movies. 

[1]  Movies Bit 

[3]  hnmovies

[4]  ExtShare

[5]  VTMovie

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