June 3, 2012

6 Websites That Pay You to Blog

Earning money online is setting trend these days. Writing paid posts is the direct way to earn revenue from blogging. If you stably believe that writing pay post is a good way to earn revenue from blog, here is a list of web services that pay you for writing for them.

1/ Squidoo


Squidoo has lens which contains Google AdSense advertisements. Those are used to generate royalities.

2/ MillionaireMatch

Millionairematch.com has got advertisers that would like you to write about their products and services. So review products & services in your blog and get paid.  

3/ ReviewME  

Make money reviewing and promoting products. Review products and services on your blog/site and get paid $20 - $200. 

4/ SponsoredReviews
Earn revenue by reviewing products and services of advertisers. 

5/ BlogTo Profit
Blog To Profit connects you with advertisers who are interested in sponsoring your blog.

Unlike most websites where the bloggers post for free, Digital Journal shares a portion of its advertising revenue with its authors. With a large growing cash pool every author gets a share of revenue. 

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