July 14, 2012

The 5 Best Recommended Antiviruses for Windows 7

Many of the Windows Seven users are worried about the security issues and are confused for Best Security Utility for Windows 7. Windows 7 being fast and with the glossy looks is a trending OS in the OS market still now. The Antiviruses for Windows 7 are special since they are not just for protection, are also optimized for better performance and usabilty.

The Antivirus software's are completely compatible with Windows 7 - 32bit and 64bit version. So have a look at these trendy Antivirus here.

1) avast!

Avast Antivirus's latest version, avast! 7 is available for free in the web with improved features. It features complete virus protection for your device. It includes a DOS-based boot time scan.

2) AVG 

AVG Antivirus with the Simple User Interface leads in the Antivirus Market and has gained some loyal users. The free version of AVG is great for users having Personal Computers. AVG offers comprehensive protection against malicious threats, worms, viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, and even Identity Theft.
3) Kaspersky
Kaspersky Antivirus is not a free software, but there is a trial pack for users available for download. It would be better to check the trial version and seeing whether you like it or not OR you can even use KEYS. You can have the advantage of the Kaspersky Desktop Gadget in Windows 7.

4) Avira
Avira is one of the most popular freeware antivirus used by the Windows 7 users. It scans the system quickly and effectively without causing much distraction for other programs running in the background. Avira Personal Version is completely free for Private use. It offers real time Guard against viruses.

5) Bitdefender

The newly designed user interface of Bitdefender looks great and impressive in Windows 7 OS. The Bitdefender Antivirus is easy to use and attractively designed which should be appreciated. It has less affect on the running applications and does not slow down the running programs.

Different Antiviruses have different features, so before purchasing one I would recommend you to use a trial version & be sure that you are comfortable with it and is best for you.

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