November 8, 2012

Barack Obama's 'Four More Years' Is The Most Retweeted Tweet In Twitter History

Barack Obama's Four More Years Most Popular Tweet
 Four More Years |Source: Barack Obama

President Barack Obama after winning the U.S Presidential election announced his win on Twitter at 11: 14 p.m ET Tuesday :

 Obama then posted a tweet written with a signature -bo.

At 11: 16 ET p.m ET he followed his previous tweet which simply says 'Four more years' with a photo of Obama and Michelle embracing.

At the very next moment, the tweet gained more than 500,000 retweets and had been retweeted 774,315 times on Thursday morning. This photo tweet became the single most-retweeted message in the history of Twitter - the Twitter Government announced in their tweet.This photo is also trending in Facebook social network.

Also the Election Day (#election2012), with 33 million tweets became the most tweeted about event in the U.S political history. Twitter usually sees a hop in the traffic during big events, such as Christmas Eve or the New Years Eve but the Election Day saw a sustained jump in the Twitter's traffic -says report.

Obama added another tweet saying 'Thank you' accompanied by a Instagram photo on Thursday morning to thank his fans.
The Twitter microblogging network has shared some Election Day stats in their blog.

Obama's tweet broke the popularity record set by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) in September, whose tribute to a fan who died of brain cancer gained 223,479 retweets.

Meanwhile Mitt Romney has increased his social media presence compared to John McCain (Republican Presidential candidate, 2008) and Barack Obama has retained his social media presence. The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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