December 15, 2012

Article Submission: Intro & 15 High Traffic Directories

Introduction to Article Submission 

ArticleAn article submission web site or directory contains a large collection of articles written on a variety of topics. Many directories pay the author for writing articles.

Similar to submitting guest post, these sites review your articles before publishing to the public. This helps to eliminate low quality submissions, including duplicate articles, spam and rewriting existing articles.
Are you wondering how they will help your business? 

Hundreds of articles are submitted daily to various article directories. Article submission is one of the successful and well known method of link building, similar to guest blogging.

Benefits of Article Submission
Increase Popularity & Improve Organic Search Results: The Articles submitted to directories contains an Article Resource Box at the end which is used to tell the readers about you and your business. And if the article becomes popular, thousands of links point towards your website and think what happens, these links will increment your position in the search results.

These incoming links are precious in the eyes of Search Engines and increase your site's page rank

Establishing Expertise: Publishing good, clear and splendid articles, increases your reputation in the web world, and thereby people will trust you and your business. This will encourage more clicks to your site resulting in long term traffic.

  Massive Exposure: Well written articles trigger readers’ interests. Get targeted traffic to your websites as your high-quality articles are easily accessible to a large number of publishers and webmasters for reprint on their websites. Reaching more people will improve traffic rate to your site.

How to write an Effective Article
Writing Article

Considering the popularity and high page rank of the directories, if the article is poorly crafted it will not attract visitors. The Article you write shall be crafted with a foresight, as creating an original, clear, and interesting article will help boost your website traffic as the sole aim is attracting visitors to your website. In this information age you can find large amount of information within a single click and you only have a very brief period of time to hold the visitor’s attention else they will move to the next source. Craft your articles with proper sections (an article is divided into following sections):
  • Title 
  • Keywords
  • Summary
  • Body
  • Resource Box  

  • Have a good knowledge on the topic you are writing about 
  • Researching before writing an article helps to create quality and effective content  
  • A Good Article begins with a Good Title 
  • Write articles in 400 to 800 words
  • Create article summary which should be of 2 to 5 sentences, which tells your reader the benefits of reading the article
  • Pay attention to Grammar
  • Write in such a way that it will captivate readers attention throughout the article
  • Once you finish your article, proof read at least once
  • Write a brief Biography (Resource Box) about you and your business where goes the link to your site

List of 15 High Page Rank, High Traffic Article Directories 

1.   Article Alley
2.   isnare Articles
3.   Articlesbase
4.   Ezine Articles
5.   Ignite Point
6.   Gather
7.   Any Articles
8.   Article Blast!
9.   biznopedia
10. Article biz
11. Go Articles
12. Wikihow
13. ArticleCity
14. Sooper Articles
15. Squidoo

Well, I hope you find these guidelines informative. Wishing you every success ☺
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