February 9, 2012

Facebook Boosted with the LightBox Viewer for Photos

After rolling out the Timeline feature for its users and several apps, reports suggest that Facebook will bring out the new lightbox photo viewer feature for all its users by the end of this week.
While several users already have access to it, the new layout displays a larger photo by moving comments to the right of the image, in a popup window with the background blurred out, like the older Theatre view. The company's move to develop the photo-feature on the website comes after the recent SEC filing stating that the social networking website is the "largest photo-sharing site online, with more than 250 million photos being uploaded each day".

If you do enjoy posting pictures on the website, this would be something that might excite you. However, FB is certainly not the best platform to showcase your photography talents. The uploaded images continue to be compressed for viewing, which means that the pictures look patchy. However after the impressive work that the suite has done with the Timeline cover image, let's just hope that this is fixed soon too.

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