February 21, 2012

How to Create Strong & Easy to Remember Passwords

Passwords are used to Identify the user by the system. Creating a strong, secure, and hack proof password is big deal.

Creating a strong password can't be an easy task & also remembering the password is a great task than creating it.
I am today providing you with " 5 Password Generating Websites "  These are the websites that create strong and secure passwords customized  for you according to your needs.


  The  Password Generator lets you develop an easy to remember password or secure and hack-proof one. If you choose any of the option you can customize with the option of letters and digits (easy to remember) or with upper case/lower case and symbols (Secure & hack-proof) 


   The  PC Tools Password Generator is so secure it lets the users to open their password generator tool in SSL Version. This Password Generator lets you develop a strong password and also lets you create your own password with lots of customizable features. It also shows your password in phonetic form.

Many of you might not have heard about his website. If you not checked this  site till now, now is the time to check it out. Its a website similar to Google but only for scientific and mathematical searches. To create a strong password in here is just a simple work of typing PASSWORD in search box and pressing ENTER. A variety of options to create a strong & secure password will be presented before you 


If you visit the GRC Ultra High Security Password Generator, if will provide with ultra secure passwords but it can become a haphazard as you can't remember such a huge quantity of random characters. The passwords provided by this website are highly secure, strong and probably Hack- proof  passwords. 

      This site may not be able to provide strong passwords like the above ones, but it does provide with a lil bit strong, secure and rather an easy to remember password such as one mentioned in the image. 

Hope these sites provided can fulfill your needs. Your feedback's are much appreciated. 

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