February 19, 2012

Websites that provide Free Books

Most of you may like reading Books;  some of you may be Book-worms aka Book Lovers.  For those who can't live without books, I am presenting before you the " TOP 5 Free Book Providing Websites" .  

Here  are  the  5 Best  Websites  to  find  all  sorts  of  books  and  read  them  for  free.

Wikibooks is a product of Wikimedia foundation. It was launched in 2003 and today it is a open collection of Textbooks, Factual Books.  Be sure to Check into the site as it is the best site  for  all your  requirements. 

Visit  WikiBooks >>


Scribd has a huge collection of all the reading materials which include books of famous authors, classics, textbooks, presentations, popular reading, and many more. Scribd is the Web's biggest and most comprehensive sources of published Content with millions of  documents published every month.

                                                           Visit  Scribd  >>


 Open Library is a Non- Profit  Internet Archieve  Project which has  a  lofty aim  in view. There are over a million books available here of which most are in PDF format, ePub, Daisy, DjVU, ASCII text. If you need to check only ebooks you could do it with " Check only ebooks " under main search box. Also you donate a book of your own  to this website with " add a  book " feature. 
Visit  Open Library >>

4. READPRINT         

  ReadPrint  was one of the Best Voted 50 websites in the year 2010 in Time's Magazine. This site provide over 8000 free books which includes poems, fiction, non-fiction, novels, and plays in an easy to navigate format. 
An Awesome feature is the " search by quote facility". You have to Register for free to download the contents from the website.  Since you are logged in, if you are interested you can participate in BookClubs and Discussions. 

Visit   ReadPrint >>


 Project Gutenberg is the oldest eBook library on the Web. It was launched in 1971. It has a well known collection of eBook's in the world. This website offers nearly 40,000 Books that can be downloaded in a wide range of formats including PDFs, MS Word Documents, Text. Most of the books available are in English.  
You can also check out the " TOP 100's" list to see what others have been downloading. 

Other sites that are good for finding books are  Free-eBooks.net,  Manybooks.net, The Literature Network,  FreeTechBooks,  FreeComputerBooks,  Bibliomania,  International Digital Children Library,  Sacred Text.  are few websites for eBooks.   

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