February 19, 2012

Open and Read PDF file in Firefox without downloading

Most of the Documents are in the PDF format and there are Majority of Softwares that allow you to view PDF files on your computer. 

Many a times we end up finding some files in PDF format which we don't want to download it into the System.So its good to have a PDF reader in your browsers. 

So friends if you are using the Open Source Browser, Mozilla   Firefox and if you are having ADOBE Acrobat Reader (It's good), and if you are not having it you could download it from here.  

And if you are not having a Acrobat Reader currently and you don't like to download one. It will be fine if you have a new version of the firefox browser and you may have encountered some problems while viewing the PDF files. 

So now you have two options, 1 st to download this small files to the system or Download Foxit Reader and view them online in your browser.

Foxit Reader  is a small, fast and feature rich PDF viewer which allows you to open, view,  and print any PDF file. 
You can download the Foxit Reader to your Moz. Firefox from the link given below :  Foxit Software 

 > Open your browser and click on Options. 

 >  Then go to Applications Tab and choose to use Foxit Reader if you have an Adode X reader installed in Firefox. If you do not have a Adobe Reader then Foxit Reader will automatically become the default plugin to open PDF files in Firefox. 

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