September 27, 2012

The Angry Bird Makers launch The Bad Piggies Today

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Its time for the Bad Piggies to take revenge on the Angry Birds. The Mobile Gaming developer and the Angry Birds maker Rovio has launched its latest title - "BAD PIGGIES"  today (27 September 2012).

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Rovio was founded in 2003 and became a global after they launched "Angry Birds" for Apple iPhone in late 2009. The Angry Birds boosted the sales 10 times to USD 106 Million last year - not just from their apps, which have been downloaded more than a billion times and counts David Cameron, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and other celebs as fans. There are Angry Bird shirts, toys, film spin-offs, parks and much more all from a game which might have cost them nearly a million USD.

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The company hopes that the new game will add additional life to the brand. If the Rovio's Bad Piggies sells well in the market, some analysts believe they may float its stock as soon as next year.

Despite of the large initial publicity, Angry Birds Space has failed to be a financially a hit game. And Amazing Alex, which Rovio has acquired from independent games developer Mystery Coconut this July- vanished from the Top 50 mobile games chart. "Nobody knows what made that one game stand out" says Michael Pachter, a video game analysts  from Wedbush Securities.

Game Play

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Bad Piggies Doesn't use Slingshot instead players need to build vehicles in order to reach Birds' egg
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Bad Piggies gameplay from Yahoo!
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