September 26, 2012

Emma Watson- Most Dangerous Web Celebrities of 2012

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It is dangerous celebrities time! Be AWARE of that links promising provocative photos and videos of celebrities particularly Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

The popular Security Software firm McAfee revealed the names of the most riskiest & dangerous celebrities to search for in the web. Emma Watson is the Super Celebrity who has received the No. 1 Spot in this year's Top 10 list of Most Dangerous Celebrities.

Last years No.1, reality show host & German Model Heidi Klum did not even make this year's Top 10. From this we can see how hackers use trending topics against you.

The Internet Criminals or the Cyber Criminals as they are popularly known, uses most trending names at the time or the names of the celebrities who is most searched as bait which makes the people easier to be taken to websites that actually contains malicious softwares.

A happy news for everyone is that the Top 10 Celebrities are comprising only females it is because Female celebrities are far more likely to be used by cyber criminals.

The real trap is when someone search for latest photos and videos, are ridden into a malicious website instead of the trendy content what they expected.

#1   Emma Watson -- Actress ("Harry Potter")
#2   Jessica Biel -- Actress ("Total Recall")
#3   Eva Mendes -- Actress ("2 Fast 2 Furious")
#4   Selena Gomez -- Actress ("Wizards of Waverly Place")/ Musician
#5   Halle Berry -- Actress ("Cloud Atlas")
#6   Megan Fox -- Actress ("Transformers")
#7   Shakira -- Singer/ Song Writer
#8   Cameron Diaz -- Actress("Bad Teacher")
#9   Salma Hayek --Director/ Actress ("Frida")
#10 Sofia Vergara --Actress ("Modern Family")

Though McAfee didn't provide ranking of numbers 11- 20, but noted that the Top Man ranked No. 13 was late night-talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.  

Can you guess Who was the Most Dangerous Celebrity in 2010??
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