September 27, 2012

Google Merges Trends & Insights, Expands Hot Searches List

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On its Birthday Google gives Surprise GIFT for all Google Users, The All New "Trends". Google is going on changing the Internet experience. Today, Google announced the merging of its two information tools - Trends and Insights for search. Knowing popularity of  a topic around the web and finding its insight can be available in one place.

Google made the Insights unavailable and if you search for you will be redirected to the new Google Trends web page.

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The Google has merged all the functions of both "Trends" and "Insights" into one, The new "Trends". It also features expanded Hot searches list to India, Singapore and Japan.

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The New Trends expands the Hot Searches list to the user. It uses the HTML 5 based graphs, maps.

The Google has took a great step as Trends was not that liked by people in the Data Mining Sector, but now the combined tool will appeal to many users as Google thinks it does... The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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