November 11, 2012

Internet Study Tools: A Student’s Best Friend

In this time and age, students would rather browse over various websites to look for study sources. Going to the library or joining a study group had become a thing of the past. Different web tools replace the tasks that used to be filled by thick encyclopedias or volumes of study tapes. Today, the Internet becomes every student’s most trusted friend.
Internet study tools

Now let us narrow down the different student activities and match the top Internet tools for it. These are just some of the student-friendly tools that are mostly for free and will not put a dent in the usually tight student budget.

For Keeping A To-Do List 
We all know that students live a very hectic life. A normal day could be filled with classes, org meetings, extra curricular activities and homework completions. They can easily get their schedules all mixed up without any type of schedule organization. That is what web tools like Evernote or Todoist are for. These tools can help students sync their notes between their computers, the web and even their mobile phones in just a snap. With their help, no schedule or activity will be missed.

For Bookmarking Important Study Sources 
Unless students have photographic memories, they need a tool to help them keep tabs on every informative websites that they manage to stumble upon. Good thing there are available tools like Delicious and Deskhot to keep these important sites on hand whenever needed.

For Easy File Sharin
Group projects require all student members to spend time with each other. Yet not everyone have the all the luxury of time. So instead of huddling together to share information, students can get the help of only tools like Google Drive and Wikia to make things easier. Simply add all the members of the group in one page, upload the file, and then share. It's very simple, right?

For source citing 
When writing dissertation or any other type of academic paper that uses a quoted source, it is very important to put a proper citation to avoid being accused of plagiarism. Yet there are students who find this task a bit time-consuming. That is why study tools like EasyBib and CiteThisForMe are born. It makes the very daunting task a whole lot easier.

There are other helpful Internet tools available online. Some are for free, while some can cost more than the others. Feel free to add more in this list by writing in the comment box below.

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