March 22, 2012

High Quality Windows 7 Themes Free Download

Here are some really cool bunch of themes. Try this collection of theme to get a better interface.

1. Windows 7 Mac [Alt] Theme

If you’re looking for that blue aurora wallpaper in the screenshot above, get it here.

2. Windows 7 Ubuntu Theme

3. Victorian Aero
Download: Victorian Aero

4. Transformers 3 Theme for Win 7 

5. Auxo 
Download:  Auxo for Summer

6. Mac 7 Theme For Windows
Download:  Mac 7

7. Disneyland Adventures Theme 

Download: Disney Theme

8. Luna 
Download: Luna

9. Leopard Dark 
Download: Leopard Dark

10.  Desk 09 Theme 
Download:  Desk 09 The Techbay | All Rights Reserved.

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